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The strategy I outlined in my current article, “Content material-out Structure,” is definitely the fruits of fairly a couple of totally different influences. When you’re eager about a deep dive, I’ve compiled this record of essentially the most helpful considering on the internet about ratios, grids, and fluid design. Get pleasure from!


Grids, as we all know them, are having to adapt to a fluid canvas. It helps, first, to have a robust understanding of how grids are constructed, how they’ve historically been utilized in design, and the way they work into responsive design:

Philosophy of Fluid Structure

As we cease designing pages on the internet, and begin designing programs to be utilized throughout myriad viewports, it helps to have the proper mindset:

Ratios in Nature and Design

Ratios are nothing new in design. The underlying arithmetic of pure phenomena have impressed architects, sculptors and people normally for hundreds of years:

Ratios in Internet Design

Utilizing ratios in net layouts has been explored earlier than. I discovered these two very totally different posts inspirational in trying to find a approach to work with ratios in fluid design:

Working with a Scale

Typographers will discover working with scales acquainted. There’s a lot of nice considering, right here, that may be tailored for structure:

On Concord in E-book Design

I didn’t get the house to the touch on this a lot in my article, however even in a fluid surroundings, it’s excellent to consider the connection of your content material space and the viewport. E-book designers have been exploring this concept for the reason that sixteenth century:

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