Usability specialists are from Mars, graphic designers are from Venus – A Checklist Aside

There may be an unarticulated struggle at the moment raging amongst those thatmake web pages.  Just like the struggle between dark- andlight-skinned blacks in Spike Lee’s Faculty Daze, this battleis one which solely its contributors acknowledge.  The struggle is just notbetween business websites and experimental websites.  It’s notbetween “Bloggers” and “Flashers.”  This struggle is between … Read more

Working with Topic-Matter Specialists – A Listing Aside

The time had come for The Massive Departmental Web site Redesign, and my content material strategist coronary heart was all aflutter. Since I work at a analysis college, the scope wasn’t simply the division’s website—there have been additionally 20 microsites specializing in particular college tasks. Each received an audit, a listing, and a brand new … Read more