Three Circles of Hell – A Listing Aside

“Blame is the treatment, treatment something”—Mike Doughty Article Continues Beneath Readers and convention individuals know that the extra I write and discuss internet requirements, the extra I level out that they actually don’t exist. Step again with me for a second: we wouldn’t want an online requirements motion if there have been requirements! We proceed … Read more

To Hell With Dangerous Browsers – A Listing Aside

If the design of this web site seems comparatively coherent, congratulations! Your browser does a good-to-excellent job of supporting internet requirements like CSS-1, HTML 4.01/XHTML 1.0, and scripting languages. If this web site is readable and usable however seems as plain as an Amish coat, your browser doesn’t help internet requirements. Thankfully, you possibly can … Read more

What the Hell is XML? – A Listing Aside

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is the Eurodollar of internet growth. Each XML and the Euro convey order to chaos; each provide plain, large–ranging  advantages; each are poised, in 2002, to alter the best way we do issues. Frankly,  each scare the crap out of individuals. Article Continues Under For internet builders, 2002 is a time … Read more